December 2009-January 2010

December_100.jpgAttack of the Cat

South Canterbury company Rooney Earthmoving is taking delivery of two new Caterpillar twin-engine motor scrapers and an excavator to add to the three graders and two scrapers it purchased last year from Goughs.

TT_s.jpgA truly golden jubilee

A lustrous cluster of professional awards has given consultancy Tonkin & Taylor something exciting to celebrate in its 50th anniversary year. It’s a success that can be traced back to the ethics and drive of the company’s founders.

Stringer_s.jpgA man for all seasons

Since the end of the 1880s generations of the Stringer family have lovingly tended the land at Pig Valley near Nelson. Now contractor Jim Stringer has reluctantly called it a day, though he’s still got his farm.

Alliance_s.jpgAuckland motorway alliance celebrates first birthday

It is one year since the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) launched an innovative alliance that is transforming the way in which Auckland’s 220 kilometres of motorway network is maintained and operated.

MHX_s.jpgHigh density challenges

It’s taking four years to build a motorway extension just 4.5 kilometres long. But just look at what’s involved. It’s an example of how complex the answers to Auckland’s traffic problems can be.

Malcolm_Abernethy.jpgTendering a competitive edge

Competition in the tender market is fierce with contracts hard to win, making it more important than ever to plan tender bids and to present them in the most competitive way possible.

Jeremy_Sole.jpgStrength in unity

After 65 years and with a membership of more than 400 companies, plus a significant number of associate members representing our supply chain, the federation finds itself as the only organisation in New Zealand representing the interests of the whole range of the civil construction and general contracting industry.

Sutart_Robertson.jpgThe lost art of meditation

Having done your best to avoid getting into disputes, once they arise this does not automatically mean a drawn out and costly exercise in litigation. Despite the provision for mediation in most standard form construction contracts, the use of mediation is sporadic, often left to the last minute and, when used, is facilitated in a manner which fails to achieve many of the real benefits of mediation.

Cat_D8_s.jpgThe Caterpillar D8

A true classic tractor in every sense of the word, the Caterpillar D8 has been around in various forms since 1935.