July 2009

July_100.jpgHaving a blast

Despite the wondrous properties of rock, the construction contractor often considers its very presence an unwelcome complication, but there is a safe, fast and cost-effective solution.

Virlogeux_s.jpgEngineering excellence

Michel Virlogeux had a simple message for the Austroads Bridge conference: Bridge design is the realm of the engineer and should not be given to architects.

Austroads_s.jpgAustroads winners

A brief overview of the winning projects from this year's Austroads Bridges Awards.

Austroads_7.jpgSustainable bridges - engineering a 300-year life

Sustainable bridges are durable bridges with long service life and low maintenance costs that minimise material consumption over the long term.

PhuMy_s.jpgThe construction of Vietnam's Phu My Bridge

Nearing completion, the Phu My Bridge spans the Saigon River between Districts 7 and 2 in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. It is a 705 metre-long cable-stayed main bridge with a clear span of 380 metres.

Turei_s.jpgCalamity on the coast

As slips go the Turei Hill slip at Kawakawa Bay may not have been major league, but one year on and the skilful remedial work is still being carried out.

Abernethy_square.jpgNZS 3910 serves the industry well

NZS 3910 was written specifically for the New Zealand construction industry and is well understood by the industry. This has resulted in fewer contractual arguments, particularly when the standard form is used.

Nigel_King.jpgA contractor's guide to intellectual property enforcement and avoiding infringement

To maintain the strength and value of your intellectual property, and so your market position, it is important to take a proactive attitude.

Grant_Hewison.jpgChange to Auckland governance has consequences for contractors

The Local Government Act dealing with the transitional process for Auckland governance, has important implications for those who currently, or intend to, contract with a local government organisation in the Auckland region.

Scraper_s.jpgThe history of the towed scraper

Before the motor scraper there was the towed scraper – one of the first types of bulk earthmoving equipment to be invented.