March 2009

March_cover_100.jpgBack in black

CablePrice highlighted the environment-friendly features of its new Hitachi Zaxis-3 excavator range when it demonstrated the 12-tonne model to contractors in Nelson.

Fletchers_s.jpgNation builder

Fletcher Construction this year completes its century, during which it has built more of New Zealand’s infrastructure than any other company – and to a standard that’s second to none.

Concrete_s.jpgAspects of concrete mix design

The consistency of raw materials is most important to concrete quality and it’s essential to select the most appropriate test methods to evaluate and monitor those materials.

Alpurt_s.jpg$2 delight

On January 25 the country’s first electronic toll road opened, two months ahead of schedule, with the NZ Transport Agency recording almost 98,000 journeys on its 7.5 kilometre length during the first five days of operation.

Jakmat_s.jpgTracking device

Kiwi ingenuity finds a way to minimise the wear and tear caused by many thousands of feet to a famous scenic walkway.

EastlinkT_s.jpgSite unseen

Preserving Melbourne's unspoiled Mullum Mullum Valley was the major consideration when deciding to build a traffic tunnel.

Matt_Taylor.jpgSuspending work for non-payment

Traditionally a contractor who wishes to suspend work for non‑payment by a principal must rely on the terms of the contract (typically being NZS3910).

Michael_square.jpgInfrastructure investment comes through

The Government’s long awaited announcement on bringing forward infrastructure spending has finally been made.

Sampson.jpgRoad rage and bonds frustrations

For many contractors retentions are a major cash flow challenge. Having funds retained for up to two years is bound to make your eyes water in difficult times.

JD_5010_s.jpgThe John Deere 5010

A direct development of John Deere’s first elevating scraper, the model 840, the model 5010 incorporated many improvements over its predecessor.