May 2009

May_100.jpgCovering your risk

It started over three decades ago as a small financial company to cover bonding obligations and now covers credit security and financial risk around the world, but Contractors Bonding has never forgotten its roots.

Grinter_s.jpgLast of a dynasty

For more than half a century from after the First World War the Grinters were a prominent family in construction then road sealing in the upper North Island. Des Grinter tells his story.

Tania_Wolfenden_s.jpgWomen on the march

Possibly no industry is more representative of a tough masculine image than the construction business. Building roads, bridges and other infrastructure sorts out the men from the boys – and there’s little room for women, right?  Well, there didn’t used to be. But the times they are a-changing and, increasingly, can-do women are filling mainstream roles that used to be strictly a male preserve.

Newmarket_s.jpgFlying over Newmarket

The replacement of the Newmarket Viaduct is a key element in the freeing up of Auckland’s congested motorway system.

Amanda_Douglas.jpgRMA prosecution risks

Did you hear the one about the developer, the contractor, the subcontractor and the engineer?

Jeremy_Sole.jpgIn Government hands

There are a number of significant infrastructure projects either under way, or coming up. However, in many cases, it is the larger players that are positioning to pick up these contracts and there is still a hiatus for many of the small to medium-sized contracting businesses.

Sheena_Wheeldon.jpgA contractor's guide to trademarks

Why should businesses should obtain trademark registration for their names and any other important brands.

Abernethy_square.jpgContracts - lessons learnt

The need for ‘complete’ contract documentation cannot be stressed enough following two cases in which I have been involved to determine a resolution of disputes.

Clark_s.jpgThe Clark-Michigan 110HT

Richard Campbell explains why this Michigan motor scraper model upgrade was such an improvement over an already successful machine, and a winner among the more famous giants.