November 2009

November_100.jpgCutting out the recession

CMA Recycling turns to Hitachi for increased efficiency.


At its recent conference the NZCF awarded Charlie Taylor life membership as thanks for more than 20 years’ service.

Lines_s.jpgHuge grid upgrade opportunity

What has been described as the probably the biggest infrastructure project undertaken in New Zealand was announced recently from a suitably lofty height – the 28th floor of the Lumley Centre in Auckland’s inner city.

Ruby-Bay_s.jpgRuby Bay: A gem of a project

On the books since the late 1990s, and suspended in 2002, the Ruby Bay bypass is at last underway.

Tauranga_s.jpgThe investment dilemma

The government has kicked off a massive infrastructure investment plan to save our economy from sliding backwards, and signalled that it is prepared to involve the private sector. The problem is – it’s not sure how.

Concrete_s.jpgSay it with concrete

ALAN TITCHALL attends the combined concrete industries conference and is once again impressed by the quality content.

Concrete_Award_s.jpgSolid foundations: The concrete awards

Winners of the 2009 Concrete Society awards.

Abernethy_square.jpgManaging contract risk

Risk management allows clients, consultants and contractors to identify, evaluate and analyse the risks associated with a project and then to manage those risks and their impacts on their business operations.

Jeremy_Sole.jpgTowards a more informed market

If our clients are better informed, they can make more intelligent and informed purchasing decisions based on market cycles and current conditions.

Lisa_Curran.jpgGetting your hands on the money

Obtaining the right to payment under the CCA is only the beginning.  If the payer refuses to pay, there are several options for “getting your hands on the money”.

Grant_Nicholson.jpgGuide to incident investigation

If a serious harm incident occurs in your workplace there are a number of things you should do.

Wabco_222_s.jpgThe Wabco 222

A genuine success story for Wabco, the model 222 elevating scraper could trace its ancestry right back to the electric steered Model C Tournapull of the late 1940s.