Wind farm assembly

DSL_1.jpgA significant part of DSI’s crane operations has been the assembly of wind turbines for power generation. In fact, DSI has erected 218 of the country’s 233 turbines.

The company’s first wind farm project was in 1998 at Tararua which involved 48 turbines. Each turbine had a 22 tonne nacelle lifted up onto a 40 metre tower. This task required a 100 ton crawler crane. In October 2003 the Tararua farm was extended and DSI erected another 55 turbines.

In June 2004 the Te Apiti Project started. This required lifting 60 tonne nacelles on to 68 metre high towers. DSI purchased a new Liebherr 400 tonne crawler crane for this project.

In early 2007 DSI had two wind projects on the go at the same time – White Hills wind farm down in Mossburn, consisting of 29 towers, and Tararua stage 3, which had 31 towers. Both these jobs had nacelle of 90 tonnes on 68 to 72 metre towers and for this Smith bought a second 400 tonne crawler crane.

DSI is currently working on West Wind at Makara in Wellington, which has 63, 2.3 MW turbines. This project will go through to until November 2009.

Contractor Vol.32  No.8  September 2008
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